Social Networking: Facebook?

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Wow I am still dumbfounded by how much social media is out there for networking your business. I started this about a week ago. I have literately been on so many sites that for a moment I thought I was done then my boyfriend turns around and says “have you checked out Reddit?

I started out with Facebook first which was easier because I had made a Facebook page previously to sell crocheted items but I never got enough courage to actually go through with it so I let it float away in cyberspace. Now that I am serious about this business I decided to give it a complete upgrade from what I had before to reflect the new product. The Little Pink Mustache went in a more cute direction that would better suit the pillows I’m selling. After that I put a few pictures on and then I did the scariest thing ever, I asked everyone on of my Facebook friends to like my page. Now lets be honest you have three types of people you are friends with on Facebook, The ones you haven’t seen since school, people you met through friends which you never talk to, then the core people you actually talk to. What scared me was the first two on the list since I felt I was somehow saying “Hi haven’t see you in like 6 years but could you like my page.” I did go through with it and got more likes then I would have thought. And some from those people I haven’t talked to in 6 years.

After that I searched for Etsy groups where you could promote you art and I found groups like Etsy Sellers and Buyers and Etsy Promotion Group. These groups were a god send for me because you can post pictures of your works and the link to your site, or even sell your art through the group. I was surprised that I got people who liked my posts and commented that they might want a custom pillow made which surprised me.

I found a lot of helpful networking places on Facebook and now I post my stuff regularly. I know you think, “wow this must be annoying for the group,” but that is what these groups are for. You post your art and hope that others see it in the stream of Etsy shops floating by and goes “wow I really need that.”

This isn’t a guaranteed method of selling something but it is a really easy start since most people are more familiar with Facebook then any other social networking tool. It’ only been awhile but I am positive I can meet some people through here and start to make friends in the Etsy community.


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