Rusty Anatomy

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August 15, 2016 by thelittlepinkmustache

I haven’t done legitimate illustrations since I was in high school. I do sketches mainly for logos, marketing, packaging and so on. But I never had great confidence in myself till a day ago. I was so mad, just beyond furious and I had no way to get that out. But I have been carrying around my sketch book and decided I was going to draw the anger away. Usually these turn out to be slightly morbid but still beautiful in a macabre sort of way. So I sketched and save for my horrible rustyness on anatomy it really didn’t turn out half bad as a concept I want to pursue.
I want to focus on my raven masked man. I have never really been into drawing male forms. Females I just understand clearer. How they should look and move. So this is going to be a challenge for me drawing in photoshop an idea for an illustration I am not sure I can complete and will probably drive me insane. 

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