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August 1, 2015 by thelittlepinkmustache

I have now started on the next phase of my business, which is networking. Now this phase scared me because I am a huge introvert who cringes at talking to people about my art. But I know that networking is a big part of getting your business noticed by other people, so I started with a Facebook page.

Facebook was easier for me to start with because in the past I created a page to sell my crocheted items but I kept putting it off and nothing really came of it, same as this blog, till now. I went ahead and updated the page to reflect what I am selling now and put everything into action. Which meant I was going to send every friend on my Facebook page a link to like my page. For me this is a very scary process because there are three types of people you know on Facebook. People you met through other friends that you don’t talk to. Next are the people you went to school with that you still like a picture now and then but talking is very limited. Then there is the last type, which is your core group of friends you talk to on a regular basis and see outside Facebook. I mustered up all my courage and sent out the mass text to everyone and what came next surprised me, people I haven’t talked to in forever liked my page.

After biting that big bullet of forcibly making a fool of myself I started to look for Etsy groups where possibly you could share what you are selling and I found them. Three pages in particular really helped me Etsy Sellers and BuyersEtsy Promotion Group, and Etsy. Facebook. Website. Advertising Group. Both these sites have been instrumental in getting some nice foot traffic through my shop. I even started talking to a person about making a custom pillow. Now nothing may come from it as I have found out the hard way but that person took the time to appreciate my shop and what I make there, which at the beginning is really humbling.

So far I think I have successfully mastered Facebook and go through the groups everyday posting my shop info and even finding other artists along the way that are just starting out like me making some really cool stuff. Like CleopatraCandy that makes polymer clay key chains and earrings. So far I want to spend my money on a rainbow poop keychain that has glitter in it.

That is it for Facebook for now. Next blog I will delve into social networking on Etsy itself. Hope you come over and take a glance to get some helpful tips.


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