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July 23, 2015 by thelittlepinkmustache

Well I suppose I should welcome myself back to my own blog and explain my 2 year absence. Well basically I found a shinny object that led to another one and so on. Which means I got very sidetracked with life and my blogging suffered. I am back though and with a new Etsy shop to pimp.

Yes that is right after much procrastinating on this and being terrified to start it I have finally bit the bullet and opened a shop. I can feel you asking, “Mel what do you make in your shop?” Well reader I make custom appliqued pillows. “Oh what is that, what’s on them,” ok you twisted my arm anything your nerdy heart can think of. I have made appliques from full Transformers  to the Gryffindor house seal tran 2Gryph 2

Plus with custom orders you can have your geeky pleasure placed on a nice squishy pillow to love and cuddle with.

I have been about 2-3 weeks into this endeavor and at first felt overwhelmed…wait that’s a lie I am still overwhelmed but I am slowly getting the hang of it with the help of the Etsy community. Which might I say is the nicest bunch of people in the world. I have learned a lot of new things like today I learned about policies. You should have them! You have to tell people this is what I what I do and rules for the shop. Plus I prettied it up with little star bullets in front of each statement. That’s how you spice up very dry content with pretties.

My eventual hope for this store is to be able to make some form of income off it. Heck the truth is I want to get so popular that I am on Fashionably Geek. Money…bah just put my pillows on my favorite geek site. I wish that was a joke but truly I love Fashionably Geek and check it every day. I do want to make this a business though. I want to put my time and heart fully into this because Bukowski once said “Find what you love and let it kill you.” This is something that is a true labor of love because in the beginning you are going to be slow. I have seen forum posts about people who have been on a month and haven’t sold a thing. Thankfully I have actually sold two pillows and have a commission that I just finished. So I have to say I am starting out well plus I am putting my nose to the grindstone to look at all tips people have and getting critiques on my shop which have been so very helpful.

At this point I am terrified. I have those days where I sit there thinking no one will buy these and I should just shut it down. Then I have those days where I get a favorite on something and squee that some random person out there likes what I am making. I figure that this is not going to be an easy road as most things you love tend to be but in all I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am doing what I love and will continue to do it till I am homeless on the street. Ok maybe an bit exaggerated but I really feel like I have found something I can continue to do for many years to come.

Enough talk please go and check out my Etsy shop and see what kinds of awesomeness I have up at the moment. Plus if you don’t see what you want message me and we can always do something custom.

My Etsy shop

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