Adventures With Bacon Jam

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March 30, 2013 by thelittlepinkmustache

I know it has been some time since I have written on here but it has been a hard month for me. My Grandfather recently passed away which has not only been hard on me but the entire family so I have been a bit absent from doing anything worth blogging about.

But that changes today because I discovered a new website called Instructables. Where you write tutorials for people on how to make or build different things. They recently announced that they have a bacon contest and the prizes are amazing. But what I really want is the Bacon mug they have on there which if I am a finalist I at least get that.

So you ask what did I make for this bacon contest. Well the answer to that is Bacon Jam. I know bacon and Jam really aren’t two things that one would believe go together but this jam is more on the savory side.

So if you are so inclined you can go over there and check out my tutorial. I still haven’t been approved for the contest as of yet since it is moderated. But I should think I will be on there by tomorrow and you can vote here:

Please go and vote so I can get my awesome bacon mug.SONY DSC


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